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Jared Jarvis

Owner and Lead Photographer
Jared Jarvis

Jared Jarvis

Owner and Lead Photographer
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Roan Mountain Elopement Wedding Photography

Roan Mountain is a special place, and not just for elopements and weddings. When you’re up on top of one of the many balds or overlooks on Roan Mountain, there is something deeply moving and spiritual as you stare out for miles and miles across North Carolina or Tennessee mountains. That’s why everytime a client says they want to do photography up on Roan Mountain, I get extremely excited.  The views have been compared to those of the Swiss Alps, and in my opinion, Roan Mountain is one of the most beautiful wedding locations in all of the Appalachian Mountains.

If you’re not familiar with Roan Mountain, it’s right on the border of Tennessee and North Carolina. The famous Appalachian Trail hugs the ridges and balds of ‘The Roan’ (as the locals call it) for many miles. Roan Mountain is a popular Elopement and Micro-Wedding location, especially near the Carver’s Gap area.

Jerica reached out to me about photographing her wedding to her fiancé Coty. When I found out their wedding was going to be an Elopement style wedding on top of Roan Mountain, I got very excited.

Roan Mountain is one of my favorite places, and while I have photographed multiple engagements there and hiked there many times, I had yet to photograph a full on wedding on top of Roan. But before we could head to the mountains, it was time to get ready for the wedding.

Jerica and Coty had rented a house in nearby Gray, Tennessee where they would prepare for their Roan Mountain wedding. They were getting ready at the house, but would also later return for a reception dinner with friends and family.

After everyone was ready, we set out for Roan Mountain. If you live in Johnson City or the surrounding areas and want to have a Roan Mountain Wedding, know that it’s going to take almost an hour to get up to the Carver’s Gap area. After that there is a .4 mile hike with some decent elevation gain up to Round Bald, which is the first place you get the incredible views.

During the hike up to Round Bald, we decided to stop and do some photographs in the hemlock forest. Roan Mountain is thick with hemlock and spruce trees, which can simply do wonders for wedding or engagement photos. Although this wedding took place near the winter months, the evergreens and moss provide a nice pop of color!

After enjoying the beautiful hike up the mountain (which required a change of shoes for Jerica!), we made it to our wedding ceremony destination. Round Bald on Roan Mountain is truly breathtaking. If you stand in the right spot you get almost 360 degree views of the surrounding Tennessee and North Carolina Mountains. You can see for miles and miles and miles. 

Jerica and Coty picked a perfect spot on top of Round Bald for their Elopement Wedding. They were surrounded by family and friends, as well as their cute puppy! It was an incredibly beautiful wedding ceremony.

As the wedding ceremony was ending, the sun started to dip low in the sky. The sunsets over Roan Mountain are stunning, and the light was perfect for Jerica and Coty’s wedding portraits.

Although it can get busy in the evening on Roan Mountain, thankfully there was plenty of space to move around and get some beautiful photography.

This Roan Mountain Elopement Wedding was so beautiful and fun to photograph. Jerica and Coty were awesome, and I’m so grateful to them for hiring me to be their wedding photographer. I hope you enjoyed reading about their Roan Mountain Elopement Wedding, and enjoyed seeing the pictures as well.

If you would like to have your engagement photos, proposal photos, Elopement or Wedding photos taken on Roan Mountain, please don’t hesitate to contact me here.

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