Revolution Mill Engagement Photography | Stacy + Ivan

Jared Jarvis

Owner and Lead Photographer
Jared Jarvis

Jared Jarvis

Owner and Lead Photographer
Jared Jarvis Photography

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Revolution Cotton Mills is a historic cotton mill located in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was built between 1900 and the mid-20th century, and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984. It’s now a bustling place of housing, artist spaces, restaurants, and a wedding / photography venue called The Colonnade at Revolution Mill. The Colonnade at Revolution Mill is a stunning venue hardwood floors, exterior brick, beautiful flowering dogwood trees, and a fountain. Stacy and Ivan loved the look of Revolution Mill, so we decided to meet there for their engagement photos.

I have known Stacy for years now. She has been a friend of my wife, Mindy, ever since we were living back in South Carolina. Shortly after Stacy became engaged to her fiance, Ivan, she asked me to be their wedding photographer. I was so happy and honored they had asked me, and of course I said yes! Stacy and Ivan were living in North Carolina at the time, and loved the look of the city of Greensboro, so we eventually decided that we would do the engagement photography at Revolution Mill. It was an awesome venue choice, and I think it fit their classy but playful personalities very well!

We started inside the Colonnade, where there is a classy warehouse look with hardwood floors, exposed brick, and beautiful chandeliers. 

I just HAD to get a reflection shot in this large mirror that was on the wall.

After getting some awesome engagement photos inside the Colonnade, we headed outside. The whole exterior of Revolution Mill is very impressive, but the courtyard that’s hidden behind the Colonnade was simply stunning. This was late March, so the dogwood trees were in the height of flowering, and there was a beautiful fountain directly in the middle of the courtyard. 

Just LOOK at how stunning this couple is!

After some time of taking photos, Stacy and Ivan decided it was time to class it up with an outfit change! Stacy changed into a beautiful white dress, while Ivan went full ‘night out on the town’ in his suave blue blazer. 

Just watching the way they looked at each other throughout the engagement session, you could tell how much they love being around each other!

We had finally finished up taking engagement photos at the Colonnade, but it was time to see what the rest of Revolution Mill had to offer. I had driven around the Revolution Mill grounds before our engagement session started, and I had found this AWESOME bridge that was perfect for photography, so that’s where we headed.

We also made sure to get a few photos with the iconic Revolution Mill smokestack!

I hope you loved looking at Stacy and Ivan’s engagement photos as much as I loved taking them! They’re an awesome couple, and I can’t wait until their wedding which is right around the corner! Cheers to you both, Stacy and Ivan.


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