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Owner and Lead Photographer
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Jared Jarvis

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Welcome to 2020! One of the promises I made myself for the new year is that I would attempt to blog more often. So here we are, the first post of the new decade…

A year ago, I moved to East Tennessee with my wife and two dogs. I didn’t know anyone in the area, but since I own my own photography business, I had to get out and make connections with peers and others in the industry. Most people I’ve met here have been nice and welcoming, but some have been really awesome going above and beyond to help me get established. Occasionally, I want to showcase those people who have helped me. Today is the first “Feature Friday” of 2020.


Filomena’s Florals is a silk floral designer specializing in silk floral designs for weddings, corporate events, baby showers, venues, home, memorials, and much more. Filomena Moran, the owner of Filomena’s Florals is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. If you’ve ever been to a meetup in the Northeast Tennessee area that has anything to do with creatives, you’ve probably seen Filomena. She has an unforgettable personality and presence that just makes you want to know more about her and what she does. It’s because of this reason I decided to ask her more about her business. Here are her answers.

How long have you been in business?
Filomenas Florals has been in business for 4 exciting years, with 20 years in the making as a passion.

What made you choose silk florals over traditional live flowers?
I choose to work with Silk Florals, as opposed to live flowers as the Silk Florals have so many benefits. The biggest benefit is to be able to keep your Silk Florals after your wedding or event as a special keepsake. It’s just so sentimental. It is a “forever” product with many beautiful memories and emotions attached to it. Additional reasons on why Silks are amazing: they are cost-effective, non-allergenic, re-usable, they retain their crisp color & clarity, are unaffected by weather conditions, most flowers are available all year round, quality is just as authentic as real, and they can be given as gifts after an event.

What type of events do you service?
I provide Custom Silk Floral Creations for just about any event. Everything wedding: Silk Bouquets for Brides/Bridesmaids/Flowergirl, boutonnières, centerpieces, arch florals & setup , stand-alone crosses, floral pedestals, lantern decor, and anywhere else the Bride/Groom choose decor. I also provide Silk Products for Celebrations of Life and Funerals. I work with many establishments across the Tri-Cities, TN, providing venue decor and home decor. To name a few, The Bristol Renaissance Center Mall, Historic Bristol Post Office, The Historic Eureka Inn in Jonesborough, and Occasions on the Square in Rogersville. My Silk Floral Bouquets can be found at various Bridal Boutiques like Annie’s Room and Bristol Bridal Station.

How did you develop your style, and would you say your style stays relatively the same or does it change depending on the client?
I’m not sure if I would call it a specific style. I call it opportunity, creativity, uniqueness & custom work! Opportunity to be able to deliver a product that is one-of-a-kind, dependent on what my clients desire for their vision for their special day or event. I try to make my products abundant in the style they envision , their WOW, their dream, the elements of what they want. That’s my goal. What stays the same with each client is the determination and consistency to attend to every detail, give exemplary service and work with every person as if they were my only client.

Just like me, you’re a transplant to Northeast Tennessee. You moved from New York to the Tri-Cities some time ago. What prompted that move?
I visited this beautiful state and felt that I would enjoy spending more time here, so we planned for a while and decided that it was a great fit and an exciting change. That’s when Filomena’s Florals emerged.

You hustle harder than almost everyone I know. How do you stay motivated day in and day out?
Thank you for that compliment! Everyday I make it a point to reach out to people. I visit venues, companies, consult with brides, attend many business/entrepreneurial meetings, bridal shoots working with so many amazing business owners, conducting floral design classes, and overall try to stay connected. Always being consistent, trustworthy, compassionate to others, working hard, and just putting one foot in front of the other. That is key.

Can you share someone who inspires you, and why?
My Mom is my inspiration! When I was young, I would watch her as she baked from scratch, sewed curtains & slipcovers by hand, cooked amazing meals effortlessly, and tended a garden. She had an eye for interior design and kept a beautiful home. There was nothing she couldn’t do. Watching her inspired me to be creative also, and I began sewing, making jewelry, and began working with silk florals. So yes….. My Mom, she was the one!

I hope you enjoyed reading more about Filomena’s Florals. Outside of being a wonderful person, Filomena is extremely talented. If you are hosting an event and need flowers, I would highly recommend her. You can reach out to Filomena’s Florals via WebsiteFacebookInstagram, by calling 423-817-5244, or by emailing

Silk Flower Crown
Silk Flower Crown by Filomena's Florals. Photography by Jared Jarvis Photography.
Bride posing with bouquet
Silk Flower Crown by Filomena's Florals. Photography by Jared Jarvis Photography.
Silk Bouquet
Silk Bouquet by Filomena's Florals. Photography by Jared Jarvis Photography.
Couple embracing in the distance behind a silk bouquet.
Silk Bouquet by Filomena's Florals. Photography by Jared Jarvis Photography.
Bride and Groom walking down a road in fall
Silk Bouquet by Filomena's Florals. Photography by Jared Jarvis Photography.

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